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Your specialist in engine overhaul and repair for the Maritime Industry

DSP Marine is a specialist in the overhaul of diesel engines, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, generators and gearboxes within the maritime industry. Our goal is to support our customers with efficient and effective repair solutions of engines and other equipment on board of their vessels. We can perform these overhauls on site or in our workshop. DSP Marine is part of DSP Group which is market leader in the field of overhaul of train engines for more than 20 years. Within this organization 45 well trained professionals maintain and repair engines, transmissions, power units and other hydraulic powertrain products. Over the years, DSP Group has further expanded its activities in the field of component overhaul of cylinder heads, fuel systems, turbochargers, crankshafts, starters and alternators. Especially the combination of core competences of DSP Group and the experiences in the maritime industry make DSP Marine a cost efficient service partner for maritime operators.

Customers of DSP Marine can count on:

High Flexibility & Cost Effective Repairs We can perform basically all possible component overhauls inhouse. Therefore we are flexible and not depending on third parties. This also has a positive effect on the financial impact for our customers.

We offer customers of DSP Marine a:

One-Stop-Shop service
DSP Marine is a real one-stop-shop since it not only carries out diesel engine overhauls, but also overhauls of hydraulic pumps-motors, generators, compressors and gearboxes. Besides this, DSP Marine is also brand-independent, which means we can overhaul and maintain a wide-range of your equipment on board of your vessel.

Customers of DSP Marine experience:

Professional advice, guidance & communication The people within DSP have extensive and professional experience in the field of remanufacturing, refurbishing and repairing Diesel engines, Transmissions and Hydraulic units. We do speak your language and understand the importance of the availability of your equipment. We strive for a close relationship with our clients, in order to fully realize concepts such as quality awareness and satisfying clients.

Customers of DSP Marine can rely on:

A high degree of quality Within DSP we consider people being the most important factor in our company. Due to the very low staff turnover within DSP we have built up a strong team of which a large part enjoys between 30 and 40 years of experience in the field of engine overhaul. Besides this DSP has implemented the ISO9001 quality standard already for 15 years. This in order to safeguard internal processes and improving quality. We have done this since we want to continuously challenge ourselves in order to improve quality of services for our customers.

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